About OB Crisis

OB Crisis is a website designed to teach techniques for managing critical events in obstetric anesthesia. Our first curriculum will teach how to perform general anesthesia for an emergent cesarean section.

About the Course Creators

The course was developed by Larry Chu, MD, MS and Kyle Harrison, MD.


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following obstetric anesthesia experts in the development of this online curriculum:

  • Alex Butwick, MD (contribution of lecture)
  • Brendan Carvalho, MD (review of video)
  • Andrea J. Fuller, MD (review of video)
  • Ed Riley, MD (contribution of lecture, quiz questions, review of video, on-site review during video filming)

We would also like to thank Dr. Frank Lee, an anesthesia resident from Johns Hopkins who visited the AIM Lab at Stanford and who proposed and help design this online course.

One Comment

  1. Frank Lee

    It was a great pleasure participating in this project and many thanks to Stanford, the AIM Lab, and especially to Dr.Chu for the opportunity. I hope anesthesiologists enjoy the contents of the curriculum and participate in improving it in the coming days!

    Frank Lee

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